Chanel's new flagship at the Peninsula hotel in Shanghai. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

It was a bittersweet victory for Chanel.

Four years after World Tricot, a former knitwear supplier, accused the French luxury house of copying one of its crochet designs, the verdict is in.

At first Chanel appeared to be in the clear: A French commercial court ruled that counterfeiting charges filed against the company didn't hold up, reports WWD.

The court then ordered World Tricot to pay up a total of 200,002 euros (approximately $294.523) for publicizing the allegations, accordign to the paper.

But here's where Chanel got the short end of the stick. The court also ruled that Chanel improperly terminated its contract with the supplier and that the termination put the manufacturer's business at risk.

The judge ordered the luxury brand to pay 400,000 euros (roughly $589,040) to World Tricot for reparations.

That could buy a lot of interlocking Cs, especially at this warehouse retailer.