Rihanna recently rocked a corset top. Photo: Getty Images/Ray Tamarra

Corsets can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on your personal style preference. After all, a tight waist-cincher can help to have a slimming effect during the season of holiday festivities (especially after mass eggnog consumption). On the other hand, who wants to be sucked up into a boned corset or a vacuum-sealed corset dress while you're trying to relax?

Wherever you stand on this style issue, one thing is for sure. Corsets have a capacity to accent a woman's most enviable assets, but if you're overly busty perhaps this is not the best look for you. However now there are versions of this Victorian-era garment that over a little coverage (like the Topshop version seen here).

Our recommendation: if you're going to be bold and go with a sleeveless corset, then be sure to carry a nice cardigan with you in case it gets cold or you want to cover up. (Or, in the most extreme case, you're starting to feel a little over exposed and need a security blanket!)

From D&G to Topshop to Charlotte Russe, here are some of the most au courant styles that are currently on the market: