Fekkai's luxury hair care products will now be available at mass. Photo: fekkai.com

Looks like former BFF's Sephora and Fekkai have had a spat and broken up.

In today's WWD, the luxury hair care brand announced that its classic products will roll out in mass drugstores over the next year - and Sephora immediately confirmed it will drop the line.

Fekkai's classic products - which include the Glossing, Full Volume and Technician Color lines - will reportedly become available at Walgreens and Target. The higher end Fekkai Advanced line will continue to sell at prestige retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

One leading analyst said parent company P&G's strategy is most likely, "Do we let Sephora be angry so we lose $20 million in business but we gain a possible $50 million [in the mass market]?"

Yet there's also talk in the industry that Fekkai could end up like Nexxus - another prestige brand that entered the mass market in 2008, and has since suffered the commodification of a cheapened image.

"It's almost as if they don't understand the pro hair care market at mass today. It's off by 8 percent. That's because [consumers] don't want to pay that much for hair care, shampoo and styling products now. Fekkai will have to convince the customer to pay $20 for a shampoo," one mass industry insider said.

But Fekkai has already thought about that. Using the scan data of retailers like Target, Fekkai will send pre-launch direct mailers to shoppers already spending $15 and more on haircare, customized with product samples that correspond with what the women have already been buying.

"I love to go to Target and Whole Foods, as well as Hermes. I'm very excited to go broader and bring an upscale experience," says Julie Woffington, Managing Director at Frédéric Fekkai.

So can a chic brand have her cake and eat it too? Only time will tell.