Swift and Underwood never look less than fabulous. Photo: Frederick Breedon, Getty Images | Peter Kramer, AP

Whether you're a country fan or a pop fan, you're probably a fan of Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. Or, perhaps you're just a fan of their kickass, always-gorgeous hairstyles.

From the VMAs to the Country Music Awards to Carrie Underwood's holiday TV special, we can't count the number of times this year that these ladies made us want to rush to the salon to copy their looks.

So just in time for your holiday parties, Stylist Michael Shaun Corby, Alterna's Global Creative Director, is spilling the secrets to two of our favorite styles -- Swift's romantic tuck-up, and Underwoods va-va-voom half-back style.

Take notes!

Taylor Swift's Sophisticated Tuck-Up:
Taylor Swift "has natural curl," Corby explains. Still, controlled curls like these take work: "Her hair has been straightened and re-curled to get this look," said Corby.

Use a shine cream on damp hair and blow-dry straight. Spray hair with a holding spray and use a small barrel curling iron to create ringlets -- starting from mid-shaft to ends. Use a shaping balm to lightly separate and smooth curls, then roll ends under and pin into place to create a "faux bob." Leave a few tendrils loose around the face, and spray everything to hold.

Carrie Underwood's Glam Half-Back Style:
"Carrie Underwood has fine hair, but often wears hair extensions so it appears much thicker and fuller," Corby told StyleList. So if you want to get her style here (right) you might consider clip-in extensions to help boost the volume.

Work a volumizing lotion into damp hair, part on the side, and blow-dry hair smooth with a round brush. Back-comb the hair at the crown for volume and add some hairspray for hold. Use a wide-barrel curling iron on sections to create loose curls, then pin back a small section of hair from each side, pushing it up to create a "bump" before securing.

And a few tips for anyone playing hairdresser at home:
"Second-day hair is usually easier to work with than freshly washed hair," Corby told StyleList. "Wash hair the day before the event."

"A good flexible hairspray is crucial -- you want something that doesn't make the hair look stiff, isn't too wet, but has enough hold to keep the style," said Corby. (One of his favorites, Alterna Caviar Working Hair Spray, is a favorite on the "Gossip Girl" set).

Corby's final advice? While you style your hair, "wear something that can easily be removed without touching your hair, like a button-down top or bathrobe."

Happy styling!