Can you kick it? Yes you can! Designer Ben Warwas' surf-inspired kicks. Photo courtesy of Keds

While customized sneakers, polo shirts -- even handbags -- are nothing new, Keds wants you to get more than pride out of your designer ideas. Even make a buck or two.

Keds Collective brings together customized kicks from a slew of musicians, designers and artists including singer Lana Del Rey and fashion designer Ben Warwas, but it also allows you to create your own and sell them via -- a DIY Web site that produces, along with customized Keds, personalized T-shirts, cards, stamps, posters, etc.

To set up your own Keds shop, use the site to design some prototypes, then email Keds with your creations. If they pick your designs, you'll make a 6% profit on all sales of your sneakers.

Now channel your inner puffy paint-lover and let those creative juices flow!

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