lynne curtain daughter real housewives of orange county plastic surgery

Raquel recovering from her nose job, Lynne pre-plastic surgery. Photos:

Just when we thought the superficial ladies of Bravo's "The Real Housewives of Orange County" couldn't sink any lower, we tuned in to this week's nip/tuck episode.

What we witnessed was parenting in need of an extreme makeover.

First, admittedly insecure housewife Lynne Curtin checks into a plastic surgery center with daughter Raquel in tow for the mother/daughter face enhancement special. Lynne gets a brow, face and chin lift, while Raquel, 19, has a "little bump" whittled out of her nose in another operating room. Lynne called it a "bonding experience." We call it twisted.

Lynne's 16-year-old daughter, Alexis, seems to be the only one on this reality show who doesn't need a reality check. It was Alexis who challenged the surgery, citing the family's money troubles. Frank Curtin's construction business has gone kaput and the family can barely afford its Laguna Beach, Calif. rental anymore.

The parents seem to have completely forgotten that Raquel has been behaving so badly of late that they hired a life coach to help eliminate her inner brat. (An intervention far more necessary than her rhinoplasty.)

We declare the whole thing above and beyond the call of beauty. And more vacant than a foreclosed Orange County mansion.

But it gets better: (Or should we say worse?)

We also witness bible-thumping housewife Alexis Bellino takes her twin daughters off to the "Happy Nails" salon for mother/daughter manis and pedis. "I think it's important to teach them about taking care of themselves," she says.

Only problem: The girls are not even two yet! They need potty training, not polish training.

Kind of reminded us of Suri Cruise in heels. The little girls, decked out in silly pink church dresses, freak out the minute the technicians try to trim their cuticles. Alexis is forced to abandon her own beauty regime to pass the girls off to one of her many nannies and fret, "Maybe I pushed it." Ya think?

Alexis, we'll Botox to that! Leave the manicures and pedicures to little girls old enough to read the witty color names on the bottom of the bottles.

The whole thing made us long for the Atlanta housewives and all their misguided fashion aspirations. In retrospect, they actually seem relatively grounded.

Do you think taking your teenage daughter along for plastic surgery is appropriate? How about manicures for toddlers? Leave a comment!