Lindsay Lohan in her Sir Alistair Rai scarf. Photo: WENN

Rumors are flying that Lindsay Lohan hooked up with Jessica Alba's husband, Cash Warren.

We can't begin to guess whether the allegations are true, but we do know one thing: The two starlets certainly have the same taste in accessories.

Both Jessica Alba and Lindsay Lohan are frequently spotted in scarves, and while they have many favorite brands, both happen to own the same Sir Alistair Rai red and white scarf.

Oh, you thought Sir Alistair Rai was some dapper foreign rock star the two actresses were fighting over? Thankfully, it's just a cult-favorite fashion brand.

The Raja scarf style has "Karma" embroidered in gold thread, which we find fitting for Alba, the alleged victim in the love triangle.

So is Lindsay wearing the style as a sign of innocence? Irony? Or just because she loves the super-soft, patterned scarves? (Which, hey, we totally understand.)

Time will tell.

In the meantime, we're going shopping for a new scarf!