Upload your photo, and Dr. Robert Freund will make cosmetic surgery recommendations. Photo: Courtesy of Dr. Freund

Today, we're excited to introduce a new feature called Post Your Face.

If you've ever wondered what you'd look like with a different nose, a pointier chin or higher cheekbones, you're in luck! We've teamed up with Dr. Robert Freund to make suggestions and actually show you how you'd look if you were to take them.

To do so, simply visit his web site and submit your personal plastic surgery questions to him, along with photos. Dr. Freund will answer questions on his site, and we will post selected questions and photos on StyleList.

Cosmetic surgery has boomed in recent years. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says the number of procedures has increased by 457 percent since the organization started collecting statistics in 1997 -- that's a lot of makeovers!

Knowing that cosmetic procedures are becoming more available and more common, we have been looking for ways to arm our readers with information so they can make good decisions. When Dr Freund, a surgeon with 15 years experience and the author of the upcoming "A More Beautiful You", approached us with his Post Your Face concept, it sounded interesting.

But I wanted to test it for myself first, so I submitted my own photographs and question. Yes, it was a little unnerving. But how often do you get a free consultation with a well-known plastic surgeon, no-strings attached?

You can read my questions and his answers below. I found them fascinating. I am still not planning to go under the knife. It's just not my style. But now that I have a professional opinion about how the parts of my face work together, I have decided to invest a little better in eyebrow grooming. Who expected that when I wondered about the state of my chin?

We plan to offer lessons like that every week. This feature is about education and information. So read on, visit Dr. Freund's site and think about posting your own face -- you are almost certain to learn something.

If you're interested in Posting Your Face, please submit your photos here - it's easy!

My before shot, left, as compared to my after shot, right, which has been modified by Dr. Freund to show what my face would look like with his cosmetic surgery recommendations. Photo: Rachel Been for Aol.

I've never had a very well-defined chin and now as middle age comes on (and so do a few extra pounds!), I'd really like a stronger jawline. I'll never be Reese Witherspoon, but I'd setttle for a smile that doesn't look so jowly!

Dear Diane - Thank you for taking the time to send in your photographs. Before I discuss your options, I want you to know that the overall shape of your face is great (a well-proportioned oval). You also have a beautiful smile and great cheekbones.

Here's my professional assessment:

Your eyebrows lack an arch, which can make them appear flat or heavy at times. They also are low on your face, so there is little separation between the bottom of your eyebrow and the eyelid. If you look at a picture of Grace Kelly or Charlize Theron, you'll see a wide area of skin between the eyebrow and eyelid, which has an uplifting effect. I would raise the outer part of your eyebrow, creating an arch that will open up your eyes and enhance their beautiful shape.

The lower portion of your face has three features that contribute to what we call a "weak chin." First, the tip of your chin lacks projection (but this is a very slight problem). Secondly, the angle between your neck and chin is greater than 90 degrees, which can cause the illusion of a double chin in photographs. You can address this by removing fat below your chin and/or tightening the muscles there. And finally, even a small amount of excess fat along the jaw line can weaken the jaw. Removing some of that fat would help sharpen the line.

Here's my profile shot. In my before shot, left, you can see my "weak" chin. My after shot, right, shows how my chin would look with Dr. Freund's cosmetic surgery suggestions. Photo: Rachel Been for Aol.


1. To add projection to your chin and jaw line, I would add a small chin implant. ($3-5,000)

2. I also recommend liposuction on the neck and jaw line to further strengthen the chin. ($2,500 - 3,000). Note that a combination of procedures #1 and #2 will be better than either one by itself.

3. Finally, to lift the eyebrows and heighten the arch, Botox is an the easiest and least invasive solution. ($250 - 600)

Total recovery time: 1-2 weeks for the neck, 3-4 hours for the Botox.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Freund, MD, FACS

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