Poutrageous! On average we eat 4-7 lbs of lipstick over a lifetime. Photo: Flickr

We love to indulge in our favorite shade of lipstick. We even go to extremes, just to scoop up the last bit trapped within the crevices of the tube. But we never would have thought our obsession would lead us to consuming anywhere from four to seven pounds of lipstick within our lifetime.

We love lipstick, but not that much.

RAW Natural Beauty recently produced a provocative video to inform beauty mavens that the average woman may ingest up to seven pounds of lipstick in a lifetime. YouTube actress Stevie Ryan is featured in the short film getting glam--seductively applying red lipstick and then fanatically devouring the waxy matter and tons of other beauty goods on her vanity. Um, gross!

According to Glamour Magazine's June 2002 "Beauty Quickie Tip," "women inadvertently (but harmlessly) eat 4 lbs of lipstick" in a lifetime. But the latest science shows that no level of lead is "harmless."

Cosmetics are not subject to FDA approval before hitting the shelves
(minus those products that contain color additives), and the administration is also not authorized to recall hazardous cosmetics from the markets--leaving companies like RAW and advocacy groups to get us to question what exactly is the lipstick that we're eating so much of.

Check out the video below and leave a comment on whether you'll now think twice before layering on lipstick.