Rihanna Backwards Tattoo

Rihanna shows off her new tattoo - a personal motto written backwards. Photo: OK!/East Side Ink

Rihanna's tattooed herself again!

The Barbadian singer made a stop at one of her favorite tattoo shops, East Side Ink in New York City, last week and got her bronzed skin etched with the words, "Never a failure, only a lesson."

But RiRi's new tat stands out from the rest of her collection because it is cleverly written backwards on her right shoulder so that she can read it while looking in the mirror.

East Side Ink owner and artist Keith "Bang Bang" McCurdy told OK! in an exclusive interview that Rihanna was on a mission when she arrived at 2:00 a.m on December 7, 2009.

"She told me in advance she'd be coming, and then when she got there, she told me what she wanted," McCurdy said. "I asked her why she wanted that and she said, 'It's kind of my motto in life for everything.' Instead of considering things to be mistakes, considering them lessons."

We're all for self-empowerment, but has Rihanna gone too far? Tell us what you think and check out more celebrity tattoos here.