Sarandon sans shoes. Photo: Marty Melville, Getty Images.

Susan Sarandon surprised us by wearing flats to the premiere of "The Lovely Bones" in London.

But nothing surprised us more than what she did at the film's New Zealand debut: The star went barefoot!

We kid you not, and have the photo to prove it.

Sarandon pulled up to the premiere in Wellington, NZ, and exited her vehicle Fred Flintstone-style, totally barefoot.

To make matters worse, she appeared to have skipped a bra as well, and nervously fidgeted with her dress -- a yank here, a yank there -- in a feeble attempt to fix what was already a doomed outfit.

Here are some suggestions from us, with love. How about a simple little black dress, with some funky python peep-toe sandals. Oh, and a strapless bra. Please.

Or, what about a pretty pink dress with some silver Louboutins and a clutch?

Take a look at our StyleList picks for Susan Sarandon, below, and leave a comment to let us know what you think the star would be better off wearing.