Mounir Moufarrige, the man behind Lindsay Lohan's role at Ungaro. Photo: Getty Images

The heart-shaped pasty has hit the fan at Emanuel Ungaro!

The fashion house's CEO, Mounir Moufarrige, mastermind behind Lindsay Lohan's controversial hire as artistic adviser, has resigned, WWD reports.

Moufarrige, who had been helming Ungaro since 2006, will be replaced by former vice-president and 18-year veteran Marie Fournier, according to the source.

As we reported last month, Moufarrige had been fighting with Ungaro chairman Asim Abdullah to keep Lohan on. Sounds like the guy had a design death wish.

In a statement issued to WWD, the company claims that Moufarrige will now maintain an advising role on its strategic committee but would "withdraw" from a hands-on operational role.

Meanwhile, Lohan -- whose Spring/Summer 2010 collection was universally panned by critics and the retired Emanuel himself -- will reportedly remain... for now.

Just our luck.

Then again, given these changes and the company's uncertain future, might Lohan's career as a fashion designer be headed direct-to-DVD, too?

One thing's for sure -- Lohan will NOT be designing for Bebe.