Nicole powders up. Photo: Getty Images for Chopard

The New York premiere of "Nine" brought the lovely ladies of the film's cast out in full force last night.

Fergie, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, and Nicole Kidman took their turns working the red carpet for the paparazzi.

Kate wore a 3/4 sleeve black and white Chanel mini dress with a long train, and Nicole wore a strapless black bubble gown.

But aside from the funky couture, something else on the red carpet caught our eye.

Just when you thought Nicole Kidman's porcelain skin couldn't get anymore snow-white, the actress seemingly over-powdered herself and end up with chalky white splotches under her eyes and on the tip of her nose.

Probably just the result of a quick last-minute limousine touch-up, but still -- couldn't someone on her PR team have let Kidman know?

Check out Kidman and Hudson's head-to-toe looks, plus other questionable celebrity outfits here: