Twilight New Moon Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz admires gag undies on MuchMusic this fall. Photo: Getty Images

Team Edward? So over.

Team Jacob? Zzzzzz.

Turns out it's all about Team Emmett right now, thanks to reports that "Twilight" actor Kellan Lutz has signed on as the new face (cough, package) of Calvin Klein Underwear, according to Fox 411.

Insiders reportedly tell Fox that Lutz and his washboard abs will star in a new campaign that might give some of us '90s flashbacks.

"He's going to be their new Mark Wahlberg," a source reportedly told Fox.

"Kellan has been signed to Calvin Klein for a huge campaign that will feature him in his skivvies all over billboards and in magazines.

"The executives have a plan to model the ads very similarly after the famous Mark Wahlberg campaign in the '90s.

"They want to recreate the look of the hugely successful ads, and who is better than Kellan Lutz to fill out those little underwear?"

Um... nobody?

Calvin Klein reps declined to comment on the rumors to StyleList ... which usually means they're true. Fingers crossed!

Lutz isn't the only "Twilight" man candy with a potential tighty-whitey rendezvous. Taylor Lautner is also rumored to have scored a deal modeling for Giorgio Armani Underwear.

What's next -- Robert Pattinson doing Fruit of the Loom?

Meanwhile, check out Michael Bay's blow-'em-up commercial for Victoria's Secret.