michael todd

Michael Todd Earthy Palette. Photo courtesy of Michael Todd Cosmetics

For all the bazillions of beauty brands out there, most women still hop from brand to brand cherry picking products, never finding everything they need in one place.

Michael Todd Cosmetics is looking to change that. This week the joint venture between model and makeup artist Michael Todd and beauty entrepreneur Lewis Hendler (he was the first person to market scrunchies! awesome!) launches one of the most extensive beauty lines to date -- including makeup, fragrance, tools and skincare -- sold through an innovative, consumer-friendly e-commerce platform.
michael todd knu

Snail secretion for anti-aging? It's in this cream! Photo courtesy of Michael Todd Cosmetics.

Including...wait for it...skin cream made from snail secretions!

Knú Anti-Aging Tri-Complex is the first cream in the US to include what Hendler and Todd claim is the next beauty breakthrough. The cream has a high concentration of snail secretion (purified, of course!), which has been proven to heal and renew skin, protect from free radicals, environmental pollution and UV radiation.

Don't be scared -- the cream smells nice, sinks right in and has a lovely texture. And no snails are harmed in the process (apparently the secretions are farmed from a snail farm in South America where they slither around out of harm's way).

Says Hendler of the launch: "Our quality is second to none. Extensive research went into making our products nothing short of perfection. But because we are exclusively on the internet and don't have to pay for brick and mortar stores, our prices are 20-30% below a Chanel or Dior."

The site also offers free shipping with every order (even if you only order one lipstick!), zero sales tax (woo hoo!) and a 100% guarantee. "If you're not happy just send it back. There are no tricks to it," explains Hendler.

What piqued our interest was the eye shadow palette with the illuminating "disco" lights so you can find it in your purse and the Scintillant Illuminator which is a highlighter pen (think a less expensive YSL Touche Eclat) that comes with a refill.

So, is snail secretion the new snake venom? Let us know what you think.