Men's beauty pageant.

Oh, to be (beauty) king for a day! Contestants from the 1971 Mr. Universe pageant. Photo: Getty Images

Let's hear it for the ladies men!

Taiwan is holding an international beauty pageant this weekend, but instead of the usual evening gowns and high heels, the male contestants in the Mister International competition will be strutting their stuff in... Speedos?

The annual men's beauty contest has been quietly gaining momentum since its launch in 2006; this year's pageant will feature participants from 28 countries who'll don swimwear, evening wear and perform group dance numbers, all to vie for the title of "world's most handsome man," reports Reuters.

As for the question of crowning a beauty king, pageant hostess Christine Huang told the news source, "Women can do it, so guys can do it, too."

Contestant Nelson Lee, a 22-year old medical scientist student from Singapore, agrees. "Males can also be beautiful," he told the site.

Lee will be up against stiffer competition than ever including 21-year-old sports science student Thomas Ladangh of Belgium, 29-year-old construction salesman William Moore of the U.K. and 21-year-old model Rodrigo Gomes Simoni of Brazil.

Come Saturday, reigning beauty king Ngo Tien Doan of Vietnam will be on hand to crown his successor.

With $5,000, an apartment in Singapore for the year, personal trainer, of course, and beauty products at stake, expect to see some claws, er, man hands.

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