POP Beauty enters eyelash territory with their collection, Get Lashed! Photos: Courtesy of POP Beauty

Every women wants to have fab eyelashes -- and major players in the beauty industry are constantly churning out falsies to feed their fetish.

Known for their vibrant lipsticks, eyeshadows, nail lacquers and blushes, POP Beauty is now stepping up to the plate with an eyelash collection fittingly called Get Lashed.

StyleList attended an editors event at What Goes Around Comes Around in New York City where POP Beauty Founder Sara Strand treated us to mini lash makeovers and tutorials and gave us the scoop on the inspiration behind the collection.

Keeping in line with its name, it was only natural for POP Beauty to add lashes to their cosmetics line.

"It represents old-school glamour, beauty and real drama when it comes to framing the eyes," said Strand.

The collection is comprised of three categories -- Dressed Up, Icons and Fantasy -- with 15 different lash looks.

For everyday wear (and those who may want to ease their way in), we suggest trying out Dressed Up falsies. Strand describes them as simply "a dressed up version of your natural lashes, but more dramatic." The lush and decadent appeal of the Icons lashes conjure decades like the '60s and '70s and beauties like Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy and Liza Minnelli--a few of Strand's favorite fashion icons. And the Fantasy eyelashes are the route to go if you're into feathers, glitter and eye-catching colors.

POP Beauty Get Lashed! ($10-$15) Lash Shops will open exclusively at Beauty 360 Stores in February 2010.