A new ban on the fake tan for people under 18 in the U.K. Photo: Getty Images

Youngsters across the pond are about to start looking a lot less orange.

British Public Health Minister Gillian Merron announced that the government was eager to make tanning beds illegal for those under 18, the BBC reports.

(Chances of baking bandit Miley Cyrus observing the new rule? Slim to none.)

Citing concern over skin cancer risks, Merron said she supported a Private Member's Bill presented by Cardiff North MP Julie Morgan demanding a ban for minors, plus supervision over tanning beds used by adults across Wales and England, according to the news agency.

The bill was reportedly proposed in response to a Cancer Research UK study last month which found that 250,000 British 11-to-17-year-olds used tanning beds at the risk of skin cancer.

"Cancer Research UK's recent report, commissioned by the government, showed worrying levels of sunbed use by under 18s and confirmed that voluntary action by the industry is not enough to protect young people," Merron told the BBC.

Scotland has already enacted a law banning children from tanning beds this month, the source reports, while last week a tanning salon owner was given community service after a 14-year-old client was burned on 70% of her body.

"People have this image of themselves and a tan," says Morgan, who reportedly hopes that her bill will have a second reading on Jan. 29.

"I can understand why -- people who are tanned do look healthy but in the long term it is damaging.

"For too long children have not been protected from using sunbeds.

"This bill would not only ensure that children are protected but that adults who do use sunbed salons would have access to accurate health information."

Hear, hear! Now let's see if we can get a ban going on "Jersey Shore."

Meanwhile, Texas may also crack down on tanning beds.

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