Ladies man dishes to StyleList on Usher VIP. Usher Photo: Getty Images

Move over, Britney. There's a new celebrity fragrance in town. And this one is hot.

"Fragrance is the one thing that stays on when everything else comes off," Usher tells StyleList with a knowing smile.

When we met the Grammy Award-winning crooner at the midtown London Hotel yesterday, he looked cozy yet stylish in a charcoal grey cable knit sweater and dark rinse jeans. It's no surprise the 31 year-old entrepreneur's own sense of style was the inspiration behind his new fragrance – Usher VIP, now available in department stores nationwide.

"I asked myself – if I'm meeting a woman for the first time on a date, what scent do I wear? What if it's a business meeting with executives, or an on-stage performance? So I created a scent that ties sexy to intelligent to elegant, one that you can wear in all different situations with style."

Usher VIP: The scent Usher would wear on a first date. Photo: Courtesy of Usher VIP

We admit it; we initially thought this could be another celeb fragrance best reserved for the heavy cologne-loving teenage boy set. But it isn't so. Usher VIP is a woody blend of clean bergamot, fresh tangerine and exotic saffron with a warm note of nutmeg. It's sophisticated yet subtle, with scent layers reminiscent of higher end designer fragrances.

Another thing we dig? The star also plays philanthropist. Usher's New Look is a non-profit created by the singer that helps underprivileged children develop their business and entertainment talents, and then teaches them to use their new skills to affect positive change in their own communities.

"My Nanny always played all these ranges of music – lots of James Brown and old blues hits. She was always supportive and nurturing, even when I was trying to find my way and it wasn't easy. So was my Mom. I want to be able to help other kids develop their talents like that," says Usher.

With all of these projects, it's no wonder Usher's month has been packed. And with the holidays right around the corner, we wondered what a star who seemingly has everything could want for Christmas.

"Oh man, I want to make sure that my kids have the most incredible Christmas! This is Usher's second and Naviyd's first," Usher says of his two children. "My Nanny and I started this tradition where we always come together on Christmas and cook desserts. I want my kids to be a part of it now. It know it's going to be real messy, but it's all about having fun together."