Balenciaga's 'LEGO' heel (left) vs. Steve Madden's multicolored buckle heel (right). Photo:

Steve Madden may have to reconsider its designer-inspired shoes.

After being sued by Alexander McQueen earlier this year, the trendy mass shoemaker is now facing a copyright infringement suit over Balenciaga's "LEGO" heels, reports Cityfile.

The French luxury house slapped Madden with the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York.

According to the court documents, soon after Balenciaga's multicolored peep-toe heels from the Fall 2007 collection were released, Steve Madden issued its own (more affordable) look-alike version, says the source.

As part of its courtroom argument, Balenciaga points to Madden's alleged shady past: "Defendant Steve Madden's reputation for producing knock-offs of full price luxury designs further corroborates Defendant's deliberate pattern of willful infringement and unfair competition."

While, we're all for wallet-friendly fashion, has Madden gone too far with this runway replica?

How do you feel about lower-priced labels taking inspiration directly from high-end designers? Leave a comment!

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