Learn how to strut your smile. Photo: Getty

Family gatherings, office parties and new years celebrations - it's the season of Kodak moments.

And you're dreading every single one of them because, according to you, you're not photogenic and your smile looks forced in every photo. Sound familiar?

If you loathe the way you look in photos read this: a small tweak to your smile can dramatically change the way you look. We spoke to Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans, a renowned New York City cosmetic dentist, who told us there's a strategy behind every smile (several of which have been adopted by many celebrities).

Thin lips, full lips or large front teeth, the way you position your mouth can make or break your photo-op. Lack of emotion can, too.

"Most of us are mechanically smiling instead of having a feeling behind the smile," says Dr. Golub-Evans. "If you think about something that makes you happy or surprised or concerned, or any feeling that's honest, and you hold that thought while you smile, it will look real."

And we thought celebrities were naturally photogenic. Read on for the scoop on how to look pretty in every picture - and never dread a camera-happy holiday event again.