The crown for the "Fat and Beautiful" pageant does not discriminate. Photo: Corbis

Say you're a beauty queen ready to strut your waifish stuff in a swimsuit competition? Go grab a carb-free diet bar -- there's no place for you in this contest.

You see, this plus-size pageant is for women who aren't afraid of the bread basket. Or the butter that comes with it.

The annual "Fat and Beautiful" contest was held recently in Beersheba, Israel, complete with casual and evening gown competitions. No swimsuits here. To enter? You had to weigh at least 176 pounds, according to The Huffington Post.

Winner Moran Baranes, 22, weighed in at 205 pounds, the site reported, adding that she's a security guard who enjoys painting and dancing.

And, apparently, she's not afraid of eating well.

Loving your curves? Now, that's beautiful.

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