Selfridges department store in abandoning plus-size offerings. London ditched , England. Photo: Getty Images

There's a big brouhaha brewing over Selfridges' latest move.

The British department store has subtracted plus-sizes from its inventory by dropping the Marina Rinaldi line, which catered to sizes 14 to 26, the Daily Mail reports.

Now, the store's highest size available is reportedly a size 18, sparking the ire of curvy customers.

"Half the country need size 16 or bigger," Cheryl Hughes, who runs a plus-size modeling agency, told the paper. "It's disgusting that Selfridges won't sell them."

"I was told they wanted to change their image," size-22 shopper Karen Segal told the source.

"They are saying plus-size clothing doesn't fit their image -- and therefore neither do I."

So, what does the narrow (literally) minded store have to say for itself?

"It's true we no longer stock Marina Rinaldi, however Selfridges is constantly updating its brand mix," Anita Barr, the store's Director of Womenswear and Childrenswear, tells the Daily Mail.

"This is also reflected in the sizing we offer. At present customers can find sizes up to a UK 18 in store."

Try telling that to a Size 20. And to add insult to injury, let's not forget that this is the same store that found room on its shelves for "mantihose."

Is Selfridges being insensitive and unrealistic by ditching plus-size clothes, or should larger shoppers stick to specialty shops? Leave a comment!

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