Britney Spears' geeky look. Photo: Arnaldo Magnani, Getty images

Britney Spears may love to dress like a teenager at a backyard barbecue, but in a recent photo, we caught the star flirting with a much different image.

On December 21, the star made her way through NYC's JFK airport in a stylish white button-down coat, a green and white scarf, and some geeky glasses.

We've never really seen the star looking quite so serious, but her latest accessory adds a certain maturity to her look.

Granted, her usual "look" almost exclusively includes Ugg boots, belly-bearing tops, and bikinis, but still.

Is Britney making a style statement or trying to give off a more mature image? Or, did she just leave the house without makeup and slap on the shades as a cover-up?

Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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