Kate Moss in designer jeans

Kate Moss recently stepped out in a pair of well worn black jeans. Photo: Niki Nikolova/FilmMagic.com

Q: I recently lost 20 pounds and have been holding on to my black Levis 505's. Are they still in style? They are in good shape and I hate to get rid of clothes that still have some wear in them.

A: You are in luck, black jeans are definitely still in style! For tips on how to wear a pair after losing some weight, I have turned to top stylist Meg Goldman:

"Congratulations on losing 20 lbs! You now have the happy task of taking your jeans to the tailor to have them altered. Since they are 505's they are not skinny and skinny jeans are in right now.

"Have the tailor run a seam up the inseam to make the leg slimmer. No need to go super tight, just a little tighter than they were. This will instantly update them and also flatter you.

You will also need to alter the waist a little. Since you have lost weight, why not treat yourself to a nice new belt? When we stand to lose a few pounds the natural tendency is to cover up with loose fitting tops. Instead, wear a more fitted top or a cropped sweater or jacket and accessorize with a fun belt."

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