Note the striking resemblance between Robert Verdi and his cookie twin. Photo: Getty Images, Marissa Gold for StyleList

In fact, we're wiping his remains off our lips as we write this...

But don't worry, there's no Hannibal the Cannibal action going on at StyleList HQ. We're merely eating cookies for lunch (again!).

You see, just before Christmas, editors receive a smattering of gifts from the brands we work with all year. Unfortunately for our waistlines, many of them are edible.

Our favorite treat came from celebrity style expert Robert Verdi, who sent over a box of cookies from Tasty Morsels Bakery. One of the cookies, as you can see at left, was a replica of his face. Verdi, who is an avid twitter-er, counts stars like future fragrance scion Eva Longoria Parker, Hugh Jackman, Mariska Hargitay and Kristin Wiig on his client list.

We wonder if they ate his face too?