If Angie and Penny's designs sound a little fishy, that's because they are. Literally.

The Thai label has created a line of bikinis, bags, belts and shoes made out of -- wait for it -- fish skin, the Huffington Post reports.

We bet it smells fabulous.

For $84.85, you can get your "Finding Nemo" on in a two-piece made from tilapia, which is reportedly not only breathable but waterproof too. Aspiring mermaids might just fall hook, line and sinker for the scaly swimwear, but we're not sure if we want to get THAT up close and personal with Charlie the Tuna.

Besides -- we'd hate for a blissful dip in the ocean to be interrupted by and angry flounder who sees us wearing his cousin.

"In my opinion fish skin is pretty delicate and would need a coating to keep it from flaking off, especially between chlorine, drying out and stretching out," seconds swimwear designer Nikol Roberts of B.Swim, Sprinkles and Starlet.

Strange though it may sound, fish skin is growing in popularity as an eco-friendly alternative to leather. Even designer Isaac Mizrahi has designed with the unconventional material, using salmon skin for a paillette dress.

So, would you wear fish skin? Or does it sound too slimy for your tastes? Leave a comment!

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