Angelina Jolie channels Julie Christie in "Dr. Zhivago." Photo: Splash News | Everett Collection

Angelina Jolie bundled up on set of her new spy flick "Salt" on a wintry New York day. But with her chinchilla hat and fur-trimmed cape, Jolie channeled another iconic movie star: Julie Christie in "Dr. Zhivago."

Christie, who was an icon in swingin' sixties London, took on the tragic role of Lara Antipova in 1965. Set in sub-zero Russia, the British actress bundled up in luxurious sables (PETA alert!) and inspired legions of fur-swaddled women.

The furry fashions in the film -- which was based on Boris Pasternak's autobiographical novel of the same name set during the Russian Revolution and subsequent Civil War of the early twentieth century -- also helped drive a sea change in late 60s style. Designers stopped looking to the future for inspiration, focusing instead on world cultures and the fashions of ethnic minorities.

But back to the present: With temperatures in NYC hovering in the 20s, Angelina was wise to ward off the chill with a bit of "From Russia, With Love" fashion.

Jolie isn't the only celeb bundling up. Cold weather has some of Tinseltown's finest looking more like the Michelin Man.