We're sure you feel the same way we do.

We've stuffed our faces with holiday goodies. And while we could start repenting our pumpkin pie orgy now, why bother when New Year's Eve, our final and most glorious pigout fest, looms a mere two days away?

Pass the pralines, we'll save the diet for 2010.

In the meantime, it's prime celeb beach-strutting time. As stars have the audacity to careen through the waves in itsy bitsy bikinis, we're snowed in downing peanut brittle and watching The Jersey Shore reruns.

But we'll spin this to the positive and use their whittled abs as ammo for our New Year's Resolution: By the time warm weather hits, we will fit into that teeny tiny bikini and feel ever so sexy. So get inspired by these pictures of stars on holiday break in bikinis.

And remember, chocolate covered pretzels are so 2009. Crunch.