Hip to be square: Do you see a difference in the hotly debated American "W" cover, left, and its Korean counterpart, right?

Sorry, Shakira, but we think the hips do lie once in a while. Or at least Demi Moore's may have.

Following allegations that the well-preserved star's left hip looked suspiciously, er, absent on the cover of W, the magazine's Korean edition has printed an identical image of Moore featuring a slightly fuller hip, NY Post's Page Six reports.

"This new image looks anatomically correct," fashion photographer Anthony Citrano told the paper.

It was reportedly Citrano who first pointed out the suspected Photoshopping job on Moore's hip, resulting in a warning letter from the actress's lawyer, Marty Singer and denials from W's creative director Dennis Freedman and photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, who swore there was "absolutely no retouching," Page Six reported last week.

"As you are undoubtedly well aware, my client's appearance is of great importance to her career and livelihood, and false claims or insinuations that she secretly uses extraordinarily artificial means to alter her appearance are extremely damaging," Singer reportedly wrote to Citrano, demanding a public apology.

According to the source the photographer refused, saying, "Ms. Moore's implication that her image went straight from camera to cover is incredible, whether she believes it or not. Simply put, this never happens."

Truth be told, when comparing the two images the hip itself does not look very different to our eyes. But the lighting does. The Korean version features a slightly narrower and yellower band of light on Moore's front, making her body look rounder. In the American version, the same light band is greener and appears wider, giving Moore a flatter appearance.

Whatever their method, we're happy to see fashion peeps bulking up instead of shrinking for once.

Now maybe they can take another crack at those Ralph Lauren ads?

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