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Nothing comes between a woman and her Calvins.

Not even sex.

That's the general consensus from a new survey conducted by the Special K cereal company, in which 29.1 percent of women claimed that fitting into an old pair of jeans was "better than sex," the Telegraph reports.

Of the 2,200 women surveyed by Opinions Matter, 30 percent also admitted to fantasizing more about squeezing into their skinny jeans than hunks liks George Clooney or Brad Pitt, according to the paper.

Those must be some jeans.

Forget sex. Not even money, love or a great career could trump the feeling of reuniting with a "trophy" pair of jeans, which 35 percent of women reportedly copped to owning in the hopes of one day slimming down and wearing them again.

According to the survey, 28.9 percent reportedly said fitting into old jeans would be better than getting a promotion; 20.6 percent claimed it would beat a best friend's wedding; 20.3 percent said it would be preferable to a lottery win (ha!) and 11.1 percent believed it would top a marriage proposal.

Not surprisingly, 10 percent of gals also said that their jeans have outlasted their longest relationship, according to the source.

(Feeling a little insecure, yet, guys)

"Women hold a deep attachment to that one pair of jeans which they know they look and feel great in," Special K's Laura Bryant told the paper.

"They use them as a benchmark and a great motivational tool when slimming and it doesn't matter how old the pair is.

"This research shows the sense of euphoria and the endorphin rush women get when they achieve their goal of fitting back into that one special pair of jeans is even better or on a par with some of the other great pleasures in life."

Tough break, fellas. And just to twist in the knife a bit more, a recent footwear survey showed that women treasured their old shoes more than their former lovers. Ouch!