Angelina and Madonna, as they may look 10 years from now. Photo: Splash News

Holy liver spots! Madonna might want to pop in for a Botox treatment once she sees the aged image forsenic artist Joe Mullins has created of her and other A-list celebrities, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The Washington-based artist factored in the stars' lifestyles as he manipulated their photos to determine what they will look like a decade later, according to the paper.

Hey, Hollywood. We've seen the future...and it ain't that pretty.

Victoria B. and Miley in 10 years. Photo: Splash News

A 45-year-old Victoria Beckham sports a paler, fuller face (woohoo!) etched with wrinkles, while hubby David will apparently look like a 70-year-old at the age of 44, judging by the sun spots and wrinkled brow Mullins has given him. Say it ain't so!

Of course, it could be worse. A 61-year-old Madonna will reportedly look like the Crypt Keeper according to Mullins' predictions. Angelina Jolie, meanwhile, will apparently grow Jay Leno's chin while Brad Pitt's 56-year-old silver fox self gives us "Benjamin Button" flashbacks.

Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears will also be looking a little worse for wear thanks to their toxic lifestyles. (Note to Britney: Put down the Cheetos now!) Even young stars like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus don't hold up too well. That'll teach you to fake and bake, Miley.

"This is what the celebrities would probably look like if they didn't take care of themselves," Mullins told the paper. "I've given them 10 hard years. Perhaps they can hang these pictures on the bathroom mirror as motivation to live healthy."

Yeah right. With this crowd, they're more likely to make a mad dash to the plastic surgeon's office.

But not all stars age badly. Sigourney Weaver still looks sexy at 60.