The Pony Hat (left) and the Leaf Hat (right) of the first collection of the Paper-Cut Project, set to debut in the new year. Photo: courtesy of Refinery29

Spikes, studs, and sequins may have hit the runway this fall, but we're forecasting paper as the new "it" accessory on the upcoming catwalks. Since green is the new black, it's a darn good means for designers to recycle all that wasted printer paper.

Exhibit A: Refinery29 found these elegantly sculpted headpieces from Paper-Cut Project, created by artists Amy Flurry and Nikki Salk, which will go on display in 2010 at fashion-favorite retailer Jeffrey in New York and Atlanta.

The recession drove the the Atlanta-based twosome to paper for its low cost, and we're predicting that fashion designers may do the same. If these origami-style hats are any indication, paper accessories can have all the design flounce and impact of their sturdier counterparts.

Philip Treacy, watch your back!

And as for the paper cuts you'll inevitably suffer from while donning these crisp creations?

It's fashion, dahling. No pain, no gain.

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