Botox for the Bald. Photo: Getty Images

Botox is certainly the beauty vice of the rich and famous but, a cure for the bald? Who knew?

Other than it's primary purpose as a wrinkle relaxer to promise long lasting youth (or frozen features), It seems that Botox is actually the answer to most everything these days, including headaches, sweating, and now baldness!

Botox injections are currently being used to treat alopecia areata, a common disease that results in the loss of hair on the scalp. The toxic in the injections apparently has the power to reduce the activity of some of the chemicals that obstruct hair growth in this disease.

As Telegraph news reported, Dr Simon Ourian, a cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, claimed that he was the first to discover the theory while treating his mother who was suffering from migraines after having chemotherapy which had made her hair fall out. Dr Ourian knew that Botox can be used as a headache treatment so he injected the toxin into her scalp and was surprised to find that it also helped her hair to grow back.

The Beverly Hills doc reported testing his 'Botox for the bald' theory on volunteers for three years, making the procedure more effective by adding a mix of different vitamins.

With my patients these Botox vitamin injections for baldness have been very safe and more effective than anything I have seen before," said Dr Ourian.

Now we know why Nicole Kidman has such luscious locks.