David Beckham is bringing his style to the masses. Photo: Getty Images

Good news, gals. Your man may not bend it like Beckham, look like Beckham, or fill out a pair of undies like Beckham, but he could soon dress like Beckham.

Hunky footballer (alright, alright, soccer player) David Beckham is reportedly designing a menswear line for wife Victoria's successful dVb fashion label, UK's People reports.

Can tight white underpants and sports jerseys be on the horizon?

"David is really into fashion," a source close to Beckham reportedly told the source. "It is a real passion of his so it made sense that he designed his own.

"It is going to be a real money-spinner. He and his team are hoping that it will go global.

"He has had the idea for a while but doesn't want to get too involved until the World Cup is over because that is the big thing for him right now."

Beckham has previously collaborated with Adidas on a fashion collection, and just placed ninth on GQ UK's Best-Dressed List, with 50 Cent cooing that he "always looks good." (Do we detect a bromance?)

With credentials like that, this star athlete might just have what it takes to give the world of men's fashion a much-needed kick in the pants.

Let's just hope he stars in the ads. Hubba hubba!

Meanwhile, check out Victoria Beckham's revealing look from the holidays.

Click through below to shop the stylish designs of Beckham's fashion forward other half: