The "Snuggle Suit" in pink, available at JCPenney. Photo:

2010 has barely made a dent, but that doesn't mean it's too early to throw your hat into the running for the year's worst-dressed list.

And we know just the duds to help you clinch the title.

Contender #1: JCPenney's Snuggle Suit, a Snuggie-inspired jumpsuit made from polyester and, we assume, Anna Wintour's tears.

As the Consumerist reports, the cozy bathrobe/blanket hybrid is a steal at $24.99 (on sale, shocker) and comes in black, blue, red and hot pink. Operators are standing by!

Of course, we'll take looking like Bruce Lee's flamboyant cousin any day over wearing Japan's take on the Snuggie/Slanket trend.

According to Weird Asia News, a Japanese company is now selling an armless, hooded one-piece suit that resembles a walking sleeping bag...or someone who got a major wedgie while wearing ski pants.

Forget asking why any sane person would want to wear such an egregious breach of fashion -- we're still scratching our heads over how anyone puts on the stupid thing.

So, will 2010 be the year nobody gets dressed? Should we just start rolling up to dates wrapped in duvets or Amish quilts? And how many times do you think Coco Chanel has turned in her grave over this trend?

Meanwhile, check out other jumpsuits gone wrong. J.Lo, are your ears burning?