It's a bird, It's a plane, It's Gaga! Photo courtesy of Fame

Lady Gaga is having more than a moment.

The international pop-star is nearly ubiquitous these days and this spring, she sails further into uncharted artistic territory -- as a super heroine.

Yes, Miss Gaga will star in the debut issue of "Fame," a new pop-culture comic book series coming out on May 5th.

Why Lady Gaga to kick off the series? "How could you not start with her?" Jason Schultz, VP of Bluewater Productions tells StyleList.

"She is one of the most talked about people in the world, is all over the air waves and she has even met with the Queen of England! She has become a breath of fresh air in the music industry and is not only an amazing songwriter but well on her way to becoming an icon."

Fame publisher Bluewater Productions is also the team behind the popular biographical comics, "Female Forces" (starring influential figures like Michelle Obama and J.K. Rowling) and "Political Power."

Upcoming celebrities to be featured in the "Fame" series include Taylor Swift, Robert Pattinson, 50 Cent and David Beckham.

"England has the royal family and the US is fascinated with celebrities," Schultz told us. "We want to be able to tell people's stories in an entertaining and different format -- the comic book."

For another celeb superhero, check out Tim Gunn.