Lindsay Lohan with Patrick Aufdenkamp. Photo: Getty Images

Looks like it's time for another episode of "Law & Order: Special Fashion Victims Unit." Dun dun.

Hot on the heels of the heist that intercepted Victoria Beckham's dress shipment comes news that Lindsay Lohan's 6126 fashion line sketches have been stolen, Us Magazine reports.

And, nope, it wasn't Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick. The thief is allegedly Lohan's friend (or former friend, rather), Patrick "Pootie" Aufdenkamp, who is reportedly set to use the sketches for his own fashion collection.

(Guess that makes us the real victims of this crime.)

"He is now running off trying to do his own line and telling people he's going to Fashion Market Week in NYC on Feb. 18 to debut his line," a friend of the actress told the source.

"It's horrible. He was her best friend. He has always used her, and she's been warned to never trust him. Lindsay is a good friend and likes to see the good in people. She didn't want to believe how bad Patrick's energy was, and how false his friendship has always been with her."

Lohan has also reportedly opened up about the drama, telling the magazine, "I should have known better" and that she was no longer pals with, um, "Pootie."

So what does Aufdenkamp have to say for himself? "Everyone will know the truth soon enough," he tweeted yesterday. "And I mean everything!"

We can't wait. Now let's just hope those 6126 sketches don't feature any Ungaro-inspired heart pasties.

Meanwhile, read about the drama ensuing over at Emanuel Ungaro, where Lohan serves as artistic advisor.