Tress Twins! Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman at The People's Choice Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Heads are going to fly over this one.

Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman wore the same hairstyle (gasp!) to The People's Choice Awards.

The two willowy actresses both opted for smooth, pin straight, shiny locks with a deep side part. Deepening the controversy, they even parted it on the same side.

"Nicole Kidman and I wore our hair alike on purpose," quipped Bullock, as she accepted her award for Best Actress. "I just wanted to clarify that." The camera then panned out to Kidman, who coyly disguised her strand shame with a game guffaw.

Kidman accompanied her husband Keith Urban to the award show, where he was up for Best Country Artist.

We're happy (and a bit relieved) that Bullock took a card from Kidman's hair style deck this time around. Because we still feel slightly dirty about her frizzy look at last summer's "All About Steve" premiere.

We love Bullock, but dang, that hair was bad. Tonight's hair, however, is very, very good.