H&M reportedly discards unsold clothing. Photo: Getty Images

Slashing prices is common around the holidays, but slashing clothes?

The Herald Square NYC location of fast fashion retailer H&M allegedly discards garbage bags filled with unsold clothing which has been destroyed with holes or slashes on a regular basis, according to The New York Times.

"At the back entrance on 35th Street, awaiting trash haulers, were bags of garments that appear to have never been worn. And to make sure that they never would be worn or sold, someone had slashed most of them with box cutters or razors, a familiar sight outside H&M's back door," reports the paper.

Also found on 35th Street were destroyed garments tagged for sale at Walmart.

A manager in the H&M store on 34th Street told the Times that "inquiries about its disposal practices had to be made to its United States headquarters." But after 10 phone calls and emails, no one from H&M HQ ever responded back to the paper.

A Walmart spokesperson told StyleList that the bags of clothing were left on the street by a supplier without their knowledge and that "the action was not in compliance with with the Walmart apparel's long-standing practice of donating all wearable samples to local charitable organizations. We are taking immediate action to reiterate this practice to all apparel suppliers to ensure this doesn't happen again."

Then there are clothes that are meant to be full of holes.