Obama Weatherproof Billboard

President Obama on Weatherproof's Time Square billboard in NYC. Photo: AP

We reported yesterday that Michelle Obama unwittingly appears in PETA's latest ad campaign. Now another member of the Obama family is being used for promotional purposes without consent.

Perhaps much to his surprise, President Obama is the star of Weatherproof's gigantic billboard in the middle of Times Square in NYC. The image, which shows him wearing a Weatherproof coat, was shot during a trip to the Great Wall of China last November and is licensed by The Associated Press, according to The New York Times.

Weatherproof also ran the image on its Website's homepage for a period of time on Wednesday, calling it "The Obama Jacket," reports the source.

"This ad is clearly misleading because the company suggests the approval or endorsement of the president or the White House that it does not have," a White House aide told the paper.

A spokesman for the AP added that while Weatherproof paid the appropriate license fee for the billboard image, the agreement also requires them to obtain any necessary clearances.

Weatherproof president Freddie Stollmack admitted to the Times that he had not gained approval from the White House. "If we were to get a letter or a call from the White House saying they didn't approve... we'll do whatever we have to do," he explained. "We're not looking to alienate the White House."

If this whole politics thing doesn't work out for you, Mr. Obama, you may want to give Ford Models a call...

Even the Obama daughters aren't safe from having their name used to sell products.