Are you committing a makeup mistake that's tacking on ten years to your age? From too-harsh lipstick to overdone eyes, we hunted down the top five most common age accelerators. The good news? Looking younger is easy. Armed with the right tips, it's only a flick of the wrist away.

1. Pale Foundation: Most women misjudge their skin tone for too light, and end up looking washed out and tired by spackling on a pale foundation. Opt for a touch more depth instead, especially if you have sun damage or pigmentation issues - your complexion will look warm and revitalized, says Lancôme's Beauty At Every Age Expert Sandy Linter.

Watch Sandy apply foundation with quick, easy techniques for a flawless finish.

2. Panda Eyes. Lining under your eyes with pencil can create a greasy, punched-in-the-eye affect within hours; instead, keep liner to your top lids and start out thinner on the inner corners and gently thicken towards the end for a beautifully bright, wide-eyed look, says Linter.

3. Tammy Faye Lashes. As you age, lashes get thinner - and thick, heavy mascara formulas will weigh lashes down. "Choose your mascara wisely, or you'll end up with four lashes on each eye," warns Linter. Opt for a lighter, drier formula and be careful not to over-apply; starting from the root, slowly wiggle wand through lashes - and resist the urge to repeat more than twice.

4. Circus Clown Blush. "Good news - cheeks are the last place to show wrinkles!" says Linter. But instead of blushing the apples of your cheeks which lower with age, lightly follow your cheekbone structure with your brush for perfect application every time. And be careful of too much frosting in your blush shade - it'll pick up creppiness in mature, drier skins.

5. Lipstick Only. If you swipe on lip color without touching the rest of your face, you'll end up looking harsh and aged. A quick blend of blush or bronzer and a touch of mascara is all you need to balance out your favorite lip shade and soften your look.