Facebook's latest trend might involve looking down your shirt. Photo: Getty Images

"White with silver polka dots... Light blue with pink flowers... Fuchsia leopard print..." What does it all mean?

If you've glanced at Facebook recently, you've probably noticed a slew of descriptive status updates similar to these. The very colorful and intimate update -- the bra color status update -- is the newest craze to hit Facebook. And, as FB trends tend to do, it's spreading like rapid fire.

Women -- and even some guys -- are simply posting the color of their bras in a status update on their Facebook pages. There's a few rumors floating around the blogosphere about the intention and origin of the bra color status update.

However, most sources indicate that it's an attempt to raise breast cancer awareness. If that is what's going on here, we're all for taking a peek down our shirts.

Here in the StyleList office, it's, ahem, blue daisies, black, nude, black and white polka dots, and teal.

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