L'Oreal's 2010 Award Show Season Golden Globe Compact, left, and Screen Actor's Guild Compact, right. Courtesy Photo

When you're nominated best actress, you're privy to some serious perks, including the exclusive and coveted 2010 Award Show Season Compact by L'Oreal and Carelle.

For eight years, L'Oreal has been making the compacts to honor and celebrate Hollywood's leading ladies, and most recently (last year to be exact) teamed up with elite jewelry designer Carelle. This year's compacts, designed exclusively for the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild and Academy Awards, feature shooting star-encrusted diamonds along with select gemstones to capture the individual spirit of each award show.

The Golden Globe compact includes orange citrine, which encourages good communication and emotional balance-an acceptance speech essential. The Screen Actors Guild compact features blue topaz for natural creativity, while the Academy Awards compact bedazzles with amethyst rose de France, which relieves stress, tension and anxiety.

The one-of-a-kind compacts are given to all Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild best actress nominees, and only to the best actress winner at the Academy Awards.

Kate Winslet was spotted using hers at last year's Oscars.

We wonder who will be touching up with it this year? And in the event you're curious, if the compacts were available to the rest of us, they'd cost an estimated $9,000.

We're content with our black plastic, thanks.