Susan Boyle "Pebbles Black Missy Cut" Tee, $25. Photo:

We thought Christmas was over, but the gifts just keep coming and coming.

Case in point: the so-wrong-it's-right Susan Boyle-branded tees available on her new online shop, now launching in the UK.

The SuBoutique, if you will, launched in the US in December, stocked with gems inspired by the lovable "Hairy Angel" and her pet cat, Pebbles, according to the paper.

Try to curb your enthusiasm.

After all, what wardrobe would be complete without an Andy Warhol-style tee featuring four, count 'em four, vibrant Susan Boyles?

Or how about a T-shirt starring Boyle giving two thumbs up? Or better yet, a tee that sports Pebbles' feline silhouette in the middle of a heart?

The girls will be beside themselves with laughter jealousy.

Of course, Boyle will be the one having the last laugh. According to the paper, homegirl has already sold 3.1 million albums in the US and 1.5 million in the UK. That adds up to a whole lotta people who need clothes. Any clothes.

Meanwhile, see how to get Boyle's look for less. (Pebbles not included.)