Henry Holland

Henry Holland (and sidekick) at the launch party of H! by Henry Holland. Photo: Getty Images

As if the fashion blogosphere wasn't crowded enough, now we have designers moonlighting as bloggers.

British designer and avid Twitter bird Henry Holland is the latest of Vogue UK's famous blogging crew -- which includes social gadabout Liberty Ross and model Laura Bailey.

For his first post, designer/model Agyness Deyn's bestie laid out his ground rules.

"This blog shall be my inner most thoughts -- minus the filth. This blog shall be entertaining and hilarious -- here's hoping. I will stay away from in-jokes -- however hilarious.

I will try not to talk about myself too much - minus the obvious free plugging opportunities. Sarcasm is indeed the lowest form of wit and I will steer clear -- unless unavoidable."

Now that's in the clear, Henry is headed to Austria for some snowboarding. Which means, we're expecting some seriously fashionable après-ski shots. No pressure or anything.

With Holland penning for Vogue, could a blogging face-off with pint-sized Tavi at Harper's Bazaar be in the midst? Pens, er, keyboards ready!