halle berry

Walmart's promo image for Halle by Halle Berry Pure Orchid. Photo: Walmart.com

Halle Berry's first venture into the world of celebrity namesake scents -- Halle by Halle Berry -- came out with a lot of fanfare.

So what's up with this? It seems Ms. Berry launched a second fragrance unbeknownst to anyone but the folks at Walmart.

We found Halle by Halle Berry Pure Orchid for sale on Walmart.com -- are they trying to keep it on the DL? We haven't seen any media releases or samples come across our desks and there doesn't seem to be any attempt to market or promote the new fragrance.

But a Walmart spokesperson did tell StyleList that the new fragrance doesn't hit store shelves until April and is not exclusive to the mass retailer -- Halle's first fragrance is sold at Kohl's and Target in addition to Walmart. So, likely the same deal.

From the fragrance notes listed on the shopping page the fragrance sounds like a floral/Oriental with a fruity twist -- Italian lemon, Masdevalia orchid and patchouli leaf.

Has anyone given it a sniff? If so, leave a comment with the scoop!

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