There's a new 'Snuggie' in town and it's electric. Photo:

Got chills... and they're multiplying? Losing control (of your fashion judgment)?

Well feast your eyes on the power that the latest Snuggie hybrid is supplying.

That's right: It's electrifying!

Proving that the Snuggie trend not only won't die but may in fact outlive us all, Ion Audio is releasing the 'Toasty,' a fleece electric blanket that boasts sleeves and a built-in thermostat, USA Today reports.

Top that, Snuggle Suit.

The 'Toasty' costs $60 and will be available starting this spring (aka when nobody needs it), according to the source.

"We're taking the [Snuggie] idea and adding a twist to it," Ion Audio's Jamie Robinson told the paper. "We're trying to make it better."

"Toasty keeps you toasty warm all winter without limiting your activities," Ion managing director Gregg Stein says in a company press release.

No kidding! We'll never get off the couch again... but mostly because there's no way in hell we're wearing that sucker outside of the house.

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