They both look pretty fresh after a 20 hour hair styling session! Courtesy Photo

When we saw Kate Gosselin's new hair on the cover of People Magazine, the detail that stuck in our minds was that, as People Style Watch reported, celebrity hair stylist Ted Gibson "spent nearly 20 hours last week meticulously adding hundreds of extensions to Kate's hair."

20 hours! The more we thought about it, the harder it was to comprehend that detail. We mean, that's almost an entire day spent doing the extremely intricate work of sewing in tiny extensions. That, we imagine, is a whole lot of Red Bull! But we've seen Gibson work (and eat) and he's pretty healthy. So scratch the energy drinks.

Enough obsessing. We decided to ask Gibson himself if it was the longest time he'd spent working on hair, and how he kept from slipping into a coma.

"Yes, it was the longest," Gibson told us. But it wasn't all extensions. "We needed to change Kate's color first before we did anything else. Then the extensions were the next step. After that I cut her hair into shoulder length, layered it and cut bangs."

But Gibson says that though it was a marathon session, he was never tempted to snooze. "We stayed awake and laughed the whole time," Gibson told StyleList. "Kate is very funny and we had lots to talk about.

"Besides I was with my team, Jason Back color, Nancy Jiminion hair extensions and Ronnie Dietrich assistant. We had a ball," he said.

But 20 hours in Gibson's chair comes at a price. He told Radar that haircut would cost $7000 in his salons in Washington, DC, and New York City! "My haircuts are $950," Ted revealed. "The color would have been about $500, and the extensions, which were great length extensions, would probably cost about $5000," he said.

The good news, Gibson tells us, is that you can easily create a look like this at home."Clips on's are a great way to change your hair in a matter of 10 seconds or less," he says. "It gives woman the opportunity to feel sexy and add length or fullness."

So don't be afraid to try lengthening your hair yourself. Gibson sells his own 3 Piece Clip In Extensions, which we've seen in action and can vouch are amazing.

Ted determines which extensions he'll be using on Kate. Courtesy Photo