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Are full lips the secret to looking young? Photo: Scott Kleinman, Getty Images

Brother, can you spare some lip plumper?

In news that's sure to put a big smile on Angelina Jolie's face, scientists have determined that having full, bee-stung lips makes women appear more youthful, the Daily Mail reports.

(Yes, it's true. Scarlett Johansson is actually 83 years old.)

The Unilever-funded study, conducted at seven universities, made the findings after analyzing the faces of 162 white British women aged 45 to 75 as well as 102 pairs of Dutch female twins between the ages of 59 and 81, according to the paper.

Scientists reportedly found that "lip height" was controlled by genes, with men and women reaching their full lip volume in young adulthood.

Lips begin to shrink between the ages of 30 and 40 for most people, the study reportedly found, causing a person to look older than they are.

"When we identified people who looked young for their age, we were struck by the difference in their lips," Unilever research scientist David Gunn told the source.

"It is a feature that is strongly genetically determined and relatively easy to measure."

But don't go reaching for the collagen just yet if you weren't blessed with a supersized pout.

"It just looks odd because it doesn't counter the impact of a wrinkled face," says Gunn.

Drats. Big mouth strikes again!

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